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Statutory Rape Georgia, a statuory violation defense representative in Atlanta, Georiga at Amircani rules defines the key expertise understand if youve started engaging should you or a family member is directed for a legal violation prosecution

Maha Amircani, a statuory violation defense attorney in Atlanta, Georiga at Amircani Law outlines an important critical information discover if youve become involved any time you or a family member is now being qualified for a statutory violation prosecution.

Dealing with a legal rape rate in Georgia try an important point, but you stay a good chance of clearing your name if you find yourself armed with awareness and an appropriate lawyer.

Continue reading to understand exactly what constitutes legal rape in Georgia, if condition features a Romeo and Juliet different, plus much more about Georgia matchmaking and sexting regulation.

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Statutory Rape Georgia

Based on state law, statutory rape in Georgia is intercourse with a man or woman within the ages of 16. Regulations specifies the age of 16 due to the fact point of which anyone may legally consent to intercourse. In Georgia, statutory violation happens to be known as a felony. It’s a strict responsibility crime, number intent feature is needed except going to perform some work. There is certainly one biggest exception to Georgia statutory rape rules: the husband different. An underage individual can consent to sex with mate into the state of Georgia. If the condition sits in the gray-area top rules, you might be very best off discussing with a criminal lawyer in Atlanta regarding the situation.

When you look at the condition of Georgia, violation means the work of animal knowledge of a lady with energy and against her will. Carnal information are officially described as entrance regarding the feminine love body organ from the male love body organ. But legal violation will not necessarily are the usage of pressure, and various erectile acts like oral love may come under statutory violation.

Numerous reports recognize the current real life of underage intercourse and generally are further lenient in terms of consensual sex between people close in generation. In Georgia, consensual love-making between a person that happens to be 14 or fifteen years older and a person that try under 18 yrs old (and no well over 4 years avove the age of the most important guy) was known as a misdemeanor. This provision, which relieve the actual word, is actually indexed in Georgia laws, headings 16, section 6, segment C.

However, if the era gap happens to be much larger then one party has actually authority throughout the additional, the punishments are more extreme. Common for example teacher-student, parent-guardian, open officers.

Once the convicted individual was under 21 years, their unique felony belief for statutory rape carries a word of a single to 20 years in jail. When the found guilty is age 21 or senior, next the smallest phrase was several years along with max are two decades. In cases like this, the convicted people should also sign up as a sex culprit.

Misdemeanor charges tends to be little extreme. Possible need jail time of up to one-year, and also the sentencing the courtroom has the ability to use probation, society services, and fees. A stay at a distance” purchase can also be given in cases like this.

Whether you are experiencing a misdemeanor or a crime legal violation cost, talking to an illegal defense lawyer SOON will help protect your proper to avoid a tricky word. If youve become detained in Atlanta and the metropolitan room, ponder Maha Amircani, a competent unlawful protection representative.

2017 Georgia Code



(a) customers commits the crime of legal rape as he or she embarks on sexual activity with anybody within the ages of 16 age not his or her mate, so long as no conviction will be received for the offensive from the unsupported spotted.com testament belonging to the prey.

(b) Except as supplied in subsection (c) of these laws segment, customers convicted of the crime of statutory violation will probably be penalized by incarceration for for at least one nor more than two decades; presented, however, when an individual thus found guilty was 21 years of age or some older, such people will probably be penalized by incarceration for no less than ten nor above two decades. Any individual charged under this subsection of the misdemeanor of legal violation shall, on top of that, generally be dependent on the sentencing and discipline provision of Code area 17-10-6.2.

(c) when prey has reached minimum 14 but significantly less than 16 years and the people convicted of legal violation try 18 years or young as well as being only four years more than the victim, these types of guy will probably be responsible for a misdemeanor.